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Baby Formula Questions & Answers

Should I breastfeed or formula feed?
Breast milk is unquestionably the best source of nutrition for infants. If you choose not to or are unable to breastfeed, talk to your physician about choosing an infant formula.
Can I switch between formulas?
Talk to your physician or medical professional before switching baby formula from one brand to another. If you switch to a different formula, it may take a few days for an infant to adapt to their new diet.
Where can I find Parent's Choice Infant Formulas?
Parent's Choice is only available at Walmart. Parent's Choice offers a range of scientifically advanced formulas that meet all strict standards, just like the national brands, but at a price that is significantly less!
Are infant formulas regulated?
Yes, infant formulas are strictly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure product quality and safety. All infant formulas, by law, must meet or exceed the standards set by the FDA. As a result, no brand of formula is better than another. All formulas marketed in the US meet the same standards to provide complete, balanced nutrition. Are store brand baby formulas as good as national brand baby formulas? Absolutely.
What nutrients are included in infant formulas and what do they do?
All infant formulas provide complete nutrition for your baby's first year of life, including protein, carbohydrates, fat, and appropriate vitamins and minerals. Infant formulas are patterned after breast milk and provide the energy necessary to maintain bodily functions and support activity and growth.
What are prebiotics and how do they support my baby's immune system?
Prebiotics are special carbohydrates found naturally in breast milk. These carbohydrates have the ability to help stimulate the growth of helpful bacteria found along your baby's digestive tract. Research has shown that helpful bacteria found along the digestive tract perform numerous metabolic, growth promoting and protective roles. Parent's Choice Advantage™ Infant Formula and Parent's Choice Infant Formula are prebiotic formulas that are nutritionally comparable to leading national brand formulations.
Who can I talk to about the nutritional value of Parent's Choice baby formulas?
Our infant formula experts are ready to answer questions about the ingredients or nutritional value of Parent's Choice baby formulas. Our toll-free consumer number, 1-877-307-2192, is on every container.
My baby spits-up a lot; I have heard that adding rice cereal to my baby's bottle of formula will help. Is this true?
Generally, it is not recommended to add cereal to infant formula. Parent's Choice Added Rice Starch Infant Formula is a nutritionally balanced formula designed for babies who spit up frequently. This formula contains rice starch which may help reduce the frequent spit-ups. Always ask your pediatrician if you have questions about feeding.
What is the whey-to-casein ratio?
The whey-to-casein ratio for our milk-based baby formulas are 60:40. Our soy-based baby formula does not contain casein or whey as the protein is derived from soy.
Are Parent's Choice baby formulas kosher?
Yes, Parent's Choice baby formulas are kosher.
Do Parent's Choice baby formulas contain any egg products?
Parent's Choice baby formulas do not contain egg products.
How do I safely prepare and store formula?
Always follow the instructions for preparation, use and storage of formula written on the formula label. Your baby's health depends upon carefully following these instructions. Wash your hands prior to preparing formula. Do not use a microwave oven to warm formula. Remember, your baby is counting on your safe preparation for their growth and development.
Should I reheat a bottle after feeding a portion of its formula contents to my baby?
No. Once a baby has nursed from a bottle, bacteria from the baby's mouth are introduced into the bottle. If any unused portion of baby formula is refrigerated and reheated, the bacteria will have the opportunity to multiply. Refrigeration or reheating will not prevent the growth of the bacteria. Therefore, you should fill each bottle with only the amount of baby formula needed for one feeding. After feeding, you should discard any unused baby formula.
How should I warm baby formula?
We only recommend that customers warm baby formula using a warm water bath. Bottles should be warmed in a pot of water heated on the stove. Never warm formula in the microwave.
Can I heat my baby's formula in the microwave?
No. Microwaving causes "hot spots" and can lead to serious burns.
How long can a bottle of baby formula remain unrefrigerated?
Baby formula that is removed from refrigeration should be used within two hours or discarded. Baby formula remaining in a bottle one hour after the start of feeding should also be discarded.
Can unused baby formula be refrigerated?
No, once baby formula is warmed it cannot be put back in the refrigerator.
Can powdered baby formula be frozen or stored in the refrigerator?
No. Powdered baby formula can not be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Store opened cans in a cool dry spot with the plastic lid securely in place.
How long can powdered baby formula be used after it has been opened?
Powdered baby formula can be used for one month after it has been opened.
Should I use baby formula beyond its expiration date?
No, all baby formula containers have "use by" or "use before" dates to ensure that the consumer receives a wholesome, high-quality product. Baby formula should not be purchased or fed beyond the expiration date. Always check the date when purchasing infant formula.
How do I supplement breastfeeding with formula?
A health-care professional should be contacted anytime you are switching baby formulas or feeding methods because he or she is the expert who knows the special needs of your baby.
How long can I keep baby formula in the refrigerator?
According to the Infant Nutrition Council of America, baby formula that is prepared from powder and placed in bottles for feeding should be refrigerated and used within 24 hours.
Where can I find Parent's Choice formulas?
Parent's Choice baby formulas are exclusively available at Walmart, and online at

Parent's Choice offers a range of formulas that meet all FDA standards, just like the national brands, but at a price that is significantly less!