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Newborn Diaper Bag Checklist

Your Parent's Choice Infant Formula friends put together a newborn diaper bag checklist for essentials to make life easier on the go. If you don't want to keep all these items in one bag, here's a helpful tip: consider having two bags:

  • Keep one large bag in your car.
  • Keep a smaller bag to carry with you.

In this article, we make reference to one bag for ease of illustration, but recommend maintaining two bags if it better suits your lifestyle.

Diaper Bag Essentials

  1. Diapers: The rule of thumb is to have one diaper in your bag for every two hours you are on the go, plus an extra diaper. We recommend keeping four diapers on hand at any given time because you never know what will happen.
  2. Wipes: Baby wipes are not just for diaper changes. Babies get dirty and so will you, so think of their many other uses, such as wiping hands and cleaning faces. Be sure to use a travel case or pouch to hold the wipes in so the wipes don't dry out. Dry wipes are basically useless.
  3. Change of Clothing: We recommend keeping at least one “onesie” and a pair of pants in your diaper bag for your baby. We also recommend keeping a complete outfit, including a light jacket and socks, in a bag in your car. You never know when your baby will have spit up or blow out a diaper and need a change of clothes. You should also keep a clean shirt for yourself in the car.
  4. Medicine: Hopefully you will not need this, but it is better to have medicines on hand just in case. Consult your pediatrician on what medicine is safe for your baby.
  5. Hand Sanitizer: A mini bottle of hand sanitizer is a great item to keep in your diaper bag to help prevent the spread of germs. It's great to use after a diaper change and before meals.
  6. Breast Pads: If you are breastfeeding, it's a good idea to have an extra set of breast pads in the bag in case you need them.
  7. Baby Formula and Bottles: If you are supplementing with infant formula make certain to pack enough formula and water for the time you will be away from home. You can always keep the formula premeasured and separate from the bottles of water and mix it when your baby is ready to feed.
  8. Snacks and Food: If your baby is old enough for finger foods, keep some in the bag and ready for when baby gets fussy. If you are nursing, it's also a great idea to keep an extra snack bar in the bag for yourself. Be sure to check out our array of snacks for babies and toddlers at
  9. Blanket: This item is very versatile and very important. You can use the blanket to help keep your newborn warm or to lay them on it when at the park or a friend's house. You can also use the blanket for on-the-go diaper changes and protection from the sun.
  10. Plastic Bags: Always keep a few plastic shopping bags in the diaper bag to dispose of dirty diapers. They also come in handy for soiled or wet clothing.
  11. Diaper Rash Cream: Keep a small tub or container of your favorite diaper cream to use while you are out.
  12. Band Aids: You never know when your baby or toddler (or even you) may need a band aid.
  13. Toys: Pack a few small toys to keep your baby entertained while you and or baby have to wait at the doctor's office, errand-running, or traffic.
  14. Burp Cloth: Beyond feedings, burp clothes can also serve double duty and be used to clean up small messes.
  15. Bibs: If you plan to feed your baby while you're out or if they are cutting teeth, a bib is great to have on hand.