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A Pediatrician Recommended Baby Formula Brand

Dr. Lisa Thornton discusses Parent's Choice Infant Formula


Our Infant Formulas are Recommended by Pediatricians*

Parent’s Choice Infant Formulas are recommended by pediatricians like Lisa Thornton, M.D., board certified pediatrician and mom. She is also the clinical assistant professor of orthopaedic surgery and pediatrics and medical director of pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation at The University of Chicago Medical Center.

Dr. Thornton and a growing number of pediatricians recognize the benefits of recommending store brand infant formulas to their patients. When it comes to baby formula at Walmart, you can be certain Parent’s Choice Formula:

  • Provides complete nutrition.
  • Is easy to digest.
  • Supports growth and development.
  • Offers savings of up to 50 percent versus advertised brands.*

Ask your child’s pediatrician about switching to Parent’s Choice Infant Formula. We are pleased to share this video of Dr. Thornton speaking about infant nutrition. A transcription of the video you just watched is below. A few short video clips of frequently asked questions highlighting the benefits of Parent’s Choice can be viewed on the left of the page. Topics include:

  • The Cost of Formula
  • Ingredients and Nutrition
  • Switching Formula
  • Types of Formula

We hope you enjoy these videos. Thanks again for visiting our website.

Infant Nutrition Video Transcription

As a practicing pediatrician, I want to speak with you today about your baby’s nutrition, a topic that is very much on the minds of parents we see in our practices.

Experts agree on the benefits of breastfeeding, and the American Academy of Pediatrics also agrees that infant formula is a safe, science-supported, nutritious means to nourish your baby.

But infant formula is expensive and its high cost can cause some parents to try and “stretch” their formula by diluting it with extra water.

According to a study published in Clinical Pediatrics, two-thirds of families on WIC run out of free baby formula towards the end of most months. Among these families, 27 percent reported "formula-stretching" or reducing feedings, which can have serious health and developmental consequences for your baby.

The study also found that only 24 percent of moms would consider buying a Store Brand Infant Formula like Walmart’s Parent’s Choice, which is a high quality, economically viable option.

Many moms, who can benefit from the cost savings offered by Parent’s Choice Formula, ask me if they can switch formula brands. I always tell them yes, and new research confirms that it is perfectly safe to change your baby’s formula.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Virginia** looked into baby’s tolerance of switching between different brands of infant formula. The study proved that:

  • Switching baby formula is safe.
  • Infants did not have tolerance issues when switched from one brand of formula to another.
  • Gradual versus immediate switching made no difference in tolerance.

I always recommend Store Brand Formulas like Parent’s Choice Formula at Walmart. Thanks to new research, more evidence demonstrates tolerance and safety among all brands – including Parent’s Choice.

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*Symphony Health Average Weekly Recommendations Data.
** *Total savings with Parent’s Choice Infant Formula calculations based on a price per fl. oz. comparison of Store Brand Infant Formulas and their comparable national brands. Retail prices are from a October 2017 retail price survey of assorted stores. Actual prices and savings may vary by store and location.