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Parent's Choice Testimonials

Oh, I already know your worth! You help make having a baby financially "do-able". 4 babies, and they not only drank strictly Parent's Choice, but they didn't even like anything else. The formula came a long way since my first baby 11 years ago; on my final container for good since my last baby is turning 1 very soon. It kinda makes me sad that this is the very last one Thank you. You've been a great asset to me throughout the years. Don't know how I could've made it without you.

Kiara A.

I love the price! And the fact that my babies love it and hope you offer baby formula samples online soon so I can show other mommas how great it is. Love you guys! Trusted customer since 2009.

Krystal R.

I whole-heartedly used store brand baby formula for my younger two children. I thought hard about it before jumping in. The overwhelming OK for me came from my dad. He explained that all infant formulas had to meet minimum standards. His company made one that was brand in the US years ago.

Nancy A.

My husband and I are avid users of Parent's Choice Infant Formula at Walmart! We love the great savings. Liked and shared on Facebook!

Susan C.

I used store brand formula with my child and he is just fine. I also read about how all baby formulas are supposed to be the same quality. So I switched to the less expensive Parent's Choice Formula because they don't have to advertise their brand. If anything my child did better on the store brand formula than on the name brand.

Jaime S.

I've been a loyal Parent's Choice Formula customer since 2003. Great price, great quality and value.

Jennifer B.

Your infant formula is affordable and my son had no problems with it. You saved us tons of money!

Theresa G.

Our first son was born in 2009 and had exclusively used Parents Choice Gentle Formula! We are now expecting our second child due mid August, another son, and he will also be exclusively using Parents Choice Gentle Formula. We decided to use the gentle formula, because it seemed more easily digestible for him. Since that formula worked for our first child, we will use it again this time around. I am thankful for Parents Choice making a brand that is affordable and well balanced for our little ones!

Again, Thank you so much!!

Tina M.

I use and would like to continue using Parent's Choice Gentle.

With my first baby, I used only name brand formula because I thought that it was the best. Although he did great on it, it costs a small fortune to purchase so after talking to my baby's doctor about making the switch to Parent's Choice, I did and couldn't be more happy with that decision. He told me it is the exact same formula as the name brand just not nearly as expensive. My baby did just as well on the store brand formula as he did on name brand and it saved me a ton of money in the process! Now with baby #2 on the way, I have no doubt in my mind which formula I'll be using when she gets here!

Sarah G.