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No Parent's Choice Infant Formulas Are Involved in or Impacted by Abbott’s Recall. Read more

Walmart Store Locator for Parent's Choice Infant Formula

Parent's Choice Infant Formulas are available exclusively at Walmart. Enter your zip code below to find your nearest Walmart.

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Buy Baby Formula Online/In Bulk

Use our store locator or buy Parent's Choice on the web at Buying formula in bulk and online is a great way to plan ahead and save time, gas, and money. Consumer Reports recommends buying store brands online and in bulk in the largest containers you can find. Visit today if you want to purchase baby formula online so you never run out at home.

Whether you buy in-store or online, make certain to check the “use by” date and follow formula preparation and storage instructions exactly as they appear on the label.

Ask Your Doctor about Parent's Choice

Choosing an infant formula brand can be a challenge for many parents because there are so many different types of baby formula on the market today with different price tags. To help simplify matters for a discussion, break it down and ask your physician to explain the differences between our Parent's Choice brand and the nutritionally comparable national brand.

For example, if you use Enfamil® Infant and are thinking of switching baby formula, ask your doctor about switching to Parent's Choice Infant Formula. Many new moms have anxiety over choosing an infant formula and often overlook the cost of formula and end up paying for a more expensive national brand. Your doctor will tell you that Parent's Choice Infant Formulas are required to meet the same standards and guidelines as national brand formulas, so you can have peace of mind knowing your baby will get high quality nutrition at a tremendous value.

Survey Says

According to a recent study that involved more than 1900 expectant and first-time moms,* nearly 60% of moms experience stress because of their personal finances or the economy. An additional 53% of these women admit that thoughts about their baby product budgets trouble them every day. Further, approximately 37% of new or expectant moms in this study said they felt guilty if they cannot afford a specific product for their babies.

Despite these admitted financial concerns regarding baby products, only 30% of the respondents were willing to buy store brand products for their babies, while 52% will buy store brands for other everyday household items. Most of the moms in the study (62%) believe that national brand baby products provide higher quality than store brand products, and 37% believe national brands offer better nutrition.

Based on the results of this study and the rise in infant formula stretching, new moms need to be fully informed by their trusted pediatricians regarding the nutritional value of store brands like Parent's Choice so they can make informed decisions regarding their infant's nutritional needs.

If you are still thinking about switching formula, ask your doctor about Parent's Choice Formula and learn the truth about infant formula.

*Enfamil® and Enfamil® Infant are trademarks of Mead Johnson & Co.
Parent's Choice Infant Formula is neither made by nor affiliated with Mead Johnson & Co.
Brand New Mom Study. Perrigo Data on file.